Hi, I’m Dennis.

This blog is for my fellow thinkers, experimenters and entrepreneurs. I have a number of ideas I will develop here, experiments I will share with you and business models I have used leveraged the power of the internet and make over a million euro…

That business model is:

  1. Start A Blog
  2. Grow An Email Newsletter
  3. Develop and Sell Your Own Digital Products

Traveling, Food, Sports, Books and Business are keen interests of mine. I try to incorporate these things into my life as much as possible.

Some of the projects I am currently working on.

  1. A new book! – This book will be in the Lifestyle Design space. My aim is to help people design there life so they can live as they wish and not fall into the 9-5 trap.
  2. New courses – I am hopeful that these courses will be done by the end of the year so I can share with you all.
  3. Podcast – This is a while off yet but in the New Year I will be launching my very own Podcast. Interviewing interesting people where we can delve into the mind of millionaires, social icons and world-famous performers to see how these guys operate.