How to stop being lazy

Start with a simple morning routine. Just get up and do the same thing every day. If that sounds hard try doing it for two weeks. Make it fun, make a 14 day challenge out of it. Don’t forget every good morning routine starts from the night before! So make a checklist for the next day and get to bed early. This will remind you what to do the next day, help you to visualise completing the task and allow you get a good night sleep.

An example morning routine could be:

1. Make your bed.

2. Take a shower. (Try end it with a cold 30 seconds)

3. Eat a healthy breakfast.

4. Meditate

Stay away from social media. For me its a trap. You start scrolling and next thing you know a half an hour has passed. Not the best way to start off the day.

Check out George Gammon, Brian Rose, Patrick Bet David, Kyle Bass, Nomi Prins, Gerald Celeste, Jim Rickards, Max Keiser, Peter Schiff, Brett Johnson, Chris Martensen, Ed Griffin, Ray Dalio, Jordan Peterson on YouTube, they’ve got some great things to say about this subject among many many other interesting topics.

People always say but I don’t have the MOTIVATION. I watch motivational videos YouTube and they just don’t work. I don’t know how to get motivated. etc etc..

Honestly in my opinion, don’t bother with motivation. Motivation is temporary. What you need to do is make a habit. So I’d recommend that you start with something small. Let’s say getting up at 7 or 8 am every morning and doing 10 Press Ups, 10 Sit Ups and 10 Squats. It doesn’t have to be a lot but just make yourself do it everyday. It should only take you 5 minutes. This will compound and really stand to you. The main goal here is to make it a routine so its just something you always do.

Don’t just take my example. Pick something that YOU want to do! Whether it’s fitness, studying, eating healthy, chatting with certain people whatever. But just make sure you start off with bite-size chunks. Make sure it is easy and manageable. You shouldn’t pick something difficult, like running 10 km everyday, that you know you are going to hate and quit before you start. So for example, let’s say you pick doing 10 Press Ups, 10 Sit Ups and 10 Squats every morning.

So you know what you want to achieve, now you should pick when in the day you want to do it. This of your schedule. What time do you usually get up? Can you get up half an hour earlier and get it done then? If you are not a morning person and hate the sounds of that then set a time for the evening. Let set you get home from work at 6 pm. Give yourself some time to relax and make some food and schedule in some time from 7:30 pm to do your exercises. Picture yourself doing them before you sit down to watch your favorite TV show. I like to have my evenings free to work on the farm so I try to get some exercise in during lunch hour at work. I stretch for 20 mins and then run 5 km with a few friends from work. That usually takes us around 25-30 minutes. Then I have a shower get changed and have lunch at my desk. It makes me feel alive and energised for the rest of the day. Plus I have my evenings free to do as I please!

How are you going to ensure that you do it everyday? I have a group of friends in work that I run with. This helps a lot as on the days I’m not interested they encourage me and vise versa. Everything is always easier in numbers. If you are doing this at home try get your partner involved as well. Do your doing 10 Press Ups, 10 Sit Ups and 10 Squats together, help each other along and keep track. Try raise the number you do every week or make it a competition etc. Try anything that will help you to keep doing it.

The next step is to START. Don’t think about it too much just get up and do it. Its not about being the best, fastest, strongest etc its just about doing it. The power of compounding will work and you will find it easier as time goes on so don’t be afraid if its a little sore or hard the first time. It gets easier!

Start doing your activity every day, at the same time, until it becomes routine. Once you’re at a point where it’s consistent, you can start building and adding new things to the routine.

The most important thing in all this is to develop a routine. A routine happens even if you’re not motivated.

Below are the main things that have I have seen help people:

  1. Get enough sleep

To do this you have to get up earlyish and move. Are you getting enough fresh air and walking in?

If you’re lazy then you most likely sit around and lie down way too much. As a result you don’t burn up enough energy and don’t sleep well at night. Do something to make yourself tired. You should sleep at minimum 7 to 8 hours a night. Sleep is so important for everything in your body and mind. It gives you energy and it makes you ready for the day so you don’t get tired during daily activities.

To do : sleep early / take a nap during the day

2. Eat healthy

It not a secret at this stage but what you eat affects your energy levels. If you always eat bad food and you not don’t do mush exercise then your energy level will be low. Have you every felt heavy, tired and unwilling to do anything because you don’t have any power to do it. Well that’s why. You have been eating shit food. Imagine your body as a car. If you give it shit food its not going to perform well simple as. Eating healthy and natural foods will help you to increase your energy level to make you feel more energized and active during the day. Try it for a while and see what happens. Challenge yourself for 14 days and see if you notice the difference!

To do : replace bad food with fruits and vegetables! You have heard it all before but it works!

3. Make a daily to do list

This gives you an idea of what needs to be done in a day. Some people can have this in their head but for a lot of us, it is better to have it on paper so we can refer to it during the day. Being lazy also comes from being disorganized and not knowing exactly what to do. I believe a do list will help you with that. It does for me. It will keep track of your daily tasks, and you’ll be able to see what you should do and what’s left for you to check off the list. There is a ton of apps out there you can try. I think Wunderlist is a good place to start. Here’s one thing you should remember about making a to-do list: keep it under 5 items. Why? So you don’t feel overwhelmed. Keep it simple, precise and under-five items and you should be fine.

To do : use a daily to do list to accomplish your top 5 tasks everyday (you can use an app)

4. Get a partner

I just started playing golf. It was a major ambition of mine for years but never had the courage as golf courses seemed intimidating to me. So I asked a friend i knew was interested in gold to join with me. I joined the golf club with him and played once a week for a year. Then two other friends joined and our interest gradually increased as we played litter mini competitions with each other and encouraged each other to play more often. As a result, we got better and wanted to play more often. It was like a snowball effect. Once one of us got the bug we all did. We all wanted to beat each other in our little mini-competitions but we really enjoyed our time together as well. Looking back on it i wouldn’t have joined our enjoyed golf without my friend. I believe doing activities with a friend makes it easier and more fun to do. What seemed to be scary or difficult or painful task can easily become a great day out once you do it with a friend.

To do : when possible do something new with a friend

5. Embrace the hardship

The fact that you have to do something hard should not stop you. It should propel you forward. In my mind i know nobody will be able for this but e and that spurs me on in the tough moments. I’m going to do it and if you can too fair play to you. Don’t run from the stuff that is difficult to achieve. Face it and do whatever you have to do every day. Remember that the harder the battle, the sweeter the victory. The more difficult the action is, the more intense the rush is. So you have to push yourself a bit because nothing will work if you don’t use your willpower. It’s there for a reason.

“Life isn’t supposed to be easy. Generally speaking, the harder something is the more rewarding the results will be.”

— C.C. Hunter

To do : finish your tasks even if they seem difficult

6. Don’t wait for the perfect time

Today is a perfect time. Even though in your head if you don’t think its the perfect time just go for it. If you don’t act you will have regrets. This is the biggest mistake people will make. You will make it too if you don’t act! So move now and do whatever it is that has been in your head for years! you know what it is, just do it! If you’re always delaying stuff because you’re waiting for the ‘right time’ then you’ll never do anything, and I’m sure you already know that. Often times later becomes never. I’m sure you remember a certain time when you said you would do it later than months, or even years pass you by without you even starting what you said you would do. Don’t fall into this trap again.

To do : As Nike say: Just do it!!!

7. Set a goal for yourself

You must have a long term goal for yourself. Yes it sounds scary and maybe you won’t want your long term goal in a few years but you must have direction! Or else you will be like every other person in the world living paycheck to paycheck with no ambition or motivation to get out of the rat race. The aim with this goal is to keep you motivated and ready to put in the effort. This will start you on the process of getting there because every time you reach a milestone you get an addictive rush that will push you to the next milestone and so on. What does a goal look like? Maybe you want to become more confident, smarter, wealthier, have a more meaningful life. When you want to improve yourself, and you have a goal that you’re excited to reach, you’ll become willing to make the effort. Don’t set a goal just to have a goal in place, choose something that excites you.

To do : set a long-term goal and then break it down into shorter achievable goals.

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