5 Things To Know Before Skiing For The First Time

  1. Skiing is tough. Make sure you are prepared for a bit of exercise. The boots (that make you walk like you are on the moon) are very rigid and carrying the poles and skis can be very awkward. I would suggest you do some warm up exercises before hitting the slopes each day as you can get very stiff if you are not used to this type of exercise.
  2. Learn the basics. Read the maps, understand how the chairlifts work and know how to carry and put on your equipment. Technique is everything. Watch Youtube videos. A great one I found was HOW TO SKI | 10 BEGINNER SKILLS FOR THE FIRST DAY SKIING. Get lessons for at least 3/4 days depending on how you are advancing.
  3. Enjoy it. Don’t be scared or nervous and always remember to lean forward into the slopes. Once you master how to do the snow plough and parrallel turn you can take on most green, blue and red slopes depending on your fitness. Know your limits though. You can pick up incredable speeds on the slopes and I have seen people take risks and have serious falls.
  4. Accomodation. Make sure it is close to the slopes. In Top Apartments Casso del Tonale we were able to ski right to the back door. This saved us any walking in ski boot and hauling gear around. A few years back I went skiing in Whistler, Brittish Columbia, Canada and we stayed 45 minutes bus journey from the slopes. I would not recommend this. It gets very very hot in all your ski gear while sitting on an over crowded bus.
  5. Take in the views. Even if you dont feel comfortable enough doing the big slopes try get a non skiers pass and go up to the top. The views are spectacular. Something I never used to appreciate but some of these are just amazing.

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