The beginners Skiing Itinerary

With just a few days to go before we head to Italy to go skiing. I am going through the last checks and balances and realise I received this email 4 weeks ago! Ooops!

This is a Skiing Itinerary for a beginner group heading to Passo del Tonale Ski Resort for 5 days. Please be advised this is only an example of what people can do here and what to bring. 🙂


  • Day 1: We will not be skiing. We will need to get fitted for ski gear, get our bearings and settle in to the accommodation and guess most will be ready for an early night
  • Day 2: Early start. I have booked 5 instructors for day 1 so we can hit the ground running(Literally) 4 hrs of lessons booked for everyone on day one.
  • Day 3: Option of late start to allow us enjoy the ringing in of the new year but everyone free to go skiing as early as they want. 4 Instructors 2 hrs
  • Day 4: Late start – after all it’s a holiday
  • Day 5: Early Start – show off time.

Flight details

  • Outbound – FR9428 Dec 30th 06.25
  • Inbound    – FR4845 Jan 3rd 21.25


One cabin sized bag per person. Two Large suit cases could be booked for ski gear (trousers, goggles, gloves & socks) for the group. I suggest everyone wears their ski jacket and boots if possible on the plane as to free up room in the carry on bag. This is the best way to get everything we need to Italy at an effective price.

Dublin Airport Car Park

Quick Park a good option. €39 for the period or €44 for premium parking (leave your car just inside the entrance and they will park it and have it back at exit when we return………..can save 20/30min each side). I am definitely going to do this as I will be arriving at the airport at around 4am after being at a friends weeding the night before ha 😦

hBest to pre book Quickpark , here is the link.


  • Company FLiXBUS – Private bus


  • Depart Milan(BGY) 11.00am Dec 30th
  • Estimated arrival time 13.07 Dec 30th

Distance 127KM


  • Depart Passo Del Tonale 17.00
  • Estimated arrival Milan(BGY) 19.04

Ski Hire

  • I would advise on this as ski gear can be very expensive. Also we are Irish, how many times are year are we realistically going to be going skiing. Ski hire includes skis, poles, boots and helmet. All set!

Ski Lessons

  • Dec 31st           09.00 -11am & 1.00 – 3pm  – 5 ski instructors
  • Jan   1st            01.00 – 3.00pm                   – 4 ski instructors
  • Jan   2nd           01.00  – 3.00pm                    – 4 ski instructors
  • Jan   3rd           09.00 -11.00am                   – 4 ski instructors


TOP Apartments –  Check in time 4.00pm

  • Check out time 10.00am

Ski Gear requirements

  • Jacket, Pants, Gloves, Glasses, heavy long socks, warm layers. A warm hat for before and after skiing.


You can book single trip or annual insurance. It is very important that Winter Sports are included and I recommend going for the gold version if available(not so expensive as a single trip circa €100. If you have annual holiday insurance you can check if you can add Winter Sports. If you have private medical insurance you could try them. I attach ling to Alliance Insurance who offer both Single Trip and Annual Travel Insurance as a possible option. I recommend you book this immediately.

European Health Insurance Card

In addition its worth booking your European Health Insurance Card. Its Free and provides cover across Europe. It can take a few weeks to get the card so one to prioritise. Here is the link.

Preparation for the slopes some videos to watch


Please check your passport is in date! The last thing you want to do is get to the airport and get turned away due to something so silly. Otherwise remember to check in on line in advance.

Any questions please let me know in the comments section below 🙂

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