5 Things To Do While In Berlin

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5 things to do while in Berlin

A buddy of mine lived in Berlin for a few years so before we went on our Christmas Markets in Berlin trip last month I gave him a shout to get some recommendations for the city at Christmas. Here is what he said to me..

‘Unfortunately a bunch of my best stuff to do was in the summer but Berlin is still an amazing city in winter. I’d say expect snow anyway it’s freezing there! Also the Christmas markets are great this time of year. The best in my opinion is weinachts zauber gendarmanmarket, it’s really traditional. Get some  Gluhwein (Mulled Wine) and racclette!’

This makes me think that I will have to visit the city again in the summer. I love the warm summer days but that being said we really enjoyed the Christmas markets even though they were freezing! 

‘If your staying in berlin I always think your best call is to stay on the east side. Everything’s cheaper and it’s more arty. There are some really cool areas in the east like neukoln or freidrichsein that have a nice buzz, or there’s a lot of good nightlife near somewhere like warschauer strase.

But most importantly I’d say that you should stay near an ubahn/sbahn station (preferably on the ring) and you’ll fly around the city no bother! Berlin is really big so the train is the only good way to get around. They run till one every night and 24 hours Friday and Saturday. Get yourself a map and suffer the cost of looking like a tourist haha.’

As for stuff to do there’s always things happening! Have a look online and I’ll bet you’ll find some great stuff the weekend your there!

The 5 Things To Do While In Berlin are:

1. East side gallery (the Berlin Wall) and all the other touristy stuff. I’d give the TV Tower can be hit and miss depending on the weather and the queue in but the Reichstag gives you a great view of the city at night (you have to book it free a day or two before) and the Brandenburg gate along with the Jewish memorial are right around each other and their all well worth the trip up there to get your fill of history. I’m pretty sure the train stop is just called Brandenburg tor.

2. I was a big fan of all the parks in Berlin. There’s a bunch but if one I’d highly recommend is visiting Mauer Park on a Sunday. There’s a huuuuge market there that sells all sort of cool stuff and nice food. But best of all is the open air karaoke that happens right outside the market. (This is only on in summer). Get a few drinks and sit in the sun (sorry wrote this for a summer trip haha) and watch some of the best amateur singers you’ve ever seen, and some really bad ones. I promise if you go you’ll love and it’s Mc’d by some legend from Dublin.

3. You have to see Potsdam! Potsdam is about 40 minutes outside berlin. It’s a huge park where the Kaisers used to build their summer palaces so you can imagine what it’s like. Very cute town beside the park that’s a different buzz from what you’ll get in Berlin so it can be a nice break. It’s definitely worth a day trip.

4. Check out Berlin’s gorgeous really nice, cheap restaurants. Unfortunately most I found I couldn’t tell you the name just a vague description of their location. But Burgermeister and Bird have the two best burgers in the city hands down. There is a lovely Thai Indonesian place called Tranzit, and a Korean wing spot called angry chicken but I don’t know if it will satisfy an Asian food aficionado such as yourself! But if you wanna be a true Berliner stay away from the Currywurst and stick to the kebabs!

5. Go to the Clubs! Even though I am more of a pub and gaf man myself. YAAM is a top Rasta bar to go in the summer. It’s a big beach bar with a real good buzz. Also you can always buy weed there if any of your mates are that way inclined haha. As for clubs Greusmuller was my favourite and there’s lots of bars and clubs around Warschauer Strase (it’s a stop on the Sbahn) that you’ll all definitely get into if all else fails (being refused from a club more likely than you’d think). Besides that I like Suicide Circus and Renata. Just stay away from Matrix at all cost!

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